Gatsby's World

Hey there old sport! Have you caught the Gatsby fever yet? With everything from the roaring 20's making a huge comeback in the past few weeks, it's hard to know exactly how to put together such a sophisticated and extravagant look! To help you out, here's a quick and simple guide to flapper fashion:


1. The Clothes

The 20's was all about creating a slender, feminine look - women's fashion was loose and graceful, without any allusion to curves. It was a revolutionary era in fashion as the restrictive designs of the past were passed over in favour of the more flamboyant designs of Chanel and Patou. Their designs overlooked a defined waist, instead incorporating a dropped waist or skirt which fell below the hip. Skirts were generally bias cut and rested just below the knee, often defined by a ribbon or sash. An evening dress was made from luxurious material such as silk, taffeta, chiffon and velvet, adorned with extraordinarily ornate beading and lace.





2. The Accessories and Shoes

Accessories were in abundance in the 20's. For the hair, extravagent headbands, combs and clips were a must have for a a night out, as well as fur stoles, feather bandeauxs, and lengths upon lengths of pearls or other beaded necklaces. During the day, cloche hats were alarmingly popular. T-bar shoes were the staple in the 1920's, made for comfort and practicality while dancing!





3. The Make-Up

The 1920's were all about big, bold lips. It was the first time lipstick had become available in tubes, and vibrant red shades were extremely popular. Lips were painted in the shape of a cupid's bow - it was't until the end of the decade that lipstick was extended to the corners of the mouth. Eye make-up was also dramatic. The modern day 'smokey eye' look has its origins in the 20's, as do fake lashes. The darker the eye, the better as far as flappers were concerned! Rouge was also a staple cosmetic, applied to the apple of the cheek in a little circle and left unblended, though the authentic orange colour is extremely rare to find today.


4. The Hair

Without a doubt, one of the most defining features of the 20's was the hair. The contemporary bob styles encouraged a new era of women to challenge the male dominance in society and become more independent. The finger wave style was a favourite among flappers, proving to be a timeless representation of the classic 20's era.


5. The Culture

Finally, the 1920's marked the first time in history that women were able to socialise in bars and clubs alongside the male patrons. Perhaps providing an explanation for the decadent celebratory fashion, women began to drink, smoke and gamble in public, bringing life to the stuffy parties of the 1800's and hope to a new type of confident woman.








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