Getting Eco Friendly - Our New Years Resolutions

This year we've been trying our best to make positive changes to help reduce our impact on the earth, and our resolution for the next year is to keep going! There is always more we can do, however little the gesture may seem, to help create a more sustainable society. We've been turning our air con off a little more often (not always, it's damn hot in Brisbane) or turning the temp to the suggested twenty five degrees, and we've been trying to cut plastic out of our lives by requesting our milkshakes in glass cups!

Even we are always finding out about new little things we can change in our lives that will help make the world a better place one small step at a time. 

Here's our list of sustainable resolutions (some well known ideas, and others a little more creative)! 

For even more easy tips and steps to take towards a more eco friendly life, visit Style Caster

And of course, have a fun New Years Eve and a fabulous New Year!

Love Ra Ra Super Star

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