Glass Jar Fave DIY's

It can take up to one million years for a glass jar to break down in landfill. Shocking huh?


Lucky we know a thing or two about upcycling, you can do it with just about anything! This time, we've gone the extra mile for you and put together our fave 8 quick and easy (and cute) ways to save those old (el) paso jars..... 


1. the one everyone see's and put on the list of to-do's. it's uber simple and you just need some funky coloured paints and pretty garden flowers (real or fake- it works)


2. when did you ever think your little brothers animal figurines would come in handy? just add gold paint. 


3. we love fairy lights!! save those empty beer, wine and spirits bottles and stuff them in there! if you wanna make it cooler we suggest this cactus addition


4. yes yes yes, how did we not think sooner to do this? 


5. you absolutely need some succulents and this is the most fun little way to love them


6. glitter!! jar!! nightlights!!! a super pretty way to pretty up your room... we're never too old for a nightlight. if someone asks, it's for decoration. 


7. if you're hosting a party, or really just want an instagrammable backyard 24/7 this is for you. free windchimes!!


8. we think we saved the best and most functional for last. pineapple!!!!!! plant!!! holders!! no more spiking your hand with them prickly little guys.

There we have it, no more excuses for throwing out them jars, upcycling is fun.

Join the club. 


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