Glitter Easter Eggs

Easter is fast approaching ladies! I wanted to create more a festive mood this year, and upon browsing Pinterest I found these adorable easter egg decorations that will brighten up your Easter Sunday! Traditionally, these eggs, if cracked over your head, are supposed to bring good luck - so set them up as a sort of 'easter bonbon' and have fun!

What you'll need:

collage supplies

Eggs (however many you would like, I'm just doing 3 today)


Paint brushes (various sizes)


Tissue paper

Glue (paste or hot glue gun is best)




1. Using your sewing pin, poke a single, small hole at the top an egg.
2. Open up a larger hole at the bottom of the larger part of an egg.

collage egg1

3. Use the pin (or a toothpick) to scramble the egg inside, breaking the membrane of the yolk.
4. Let the egg drain out of the larger hole into a bowl, rinsing out the egg using the tap, as you go.

5. Allow to dry by air, or gently use tissue to dry the outside.
6. You can either dye your eggs, or paint them individually like I am today - pick a colour scheme and create some different patterns to give your decorations some variety.


7. Fill the egg with glitter/confetti (or whatever you decide to put inside). Use a funnel if needed.
8. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger in size than the egg’s hole. Glue the paper to the edges of the hole (I found the glue gun works best).

9. And you're done! Set them up around the house as decorations or in an easter egg hunt - surprise!


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