How To : 7 Different Ways With Your Vintage Headscarf

We've been collecting headscarves for a while now and have built up a nice collection fo different prints and patterns. Now trying to decide how to wear them. Here are a 7 different ways you can wear your vintage headscarf. 


1. The Queen's way with a scarf

Yes that's right, it's Queen Liz's favourite way to wear a scarf. Fold diagonally in half and tie around your head , just add sunglasses for a chic disguise.

2. Pretend you're livin' in the 70's

Take a page out of Ali McGraw's book and make your scarf into a chic headband. Join the two diagonal corners and roll it tight to create extra length and tie how you like. Add a vintage brooch for some extra sparkle.


3. Wear it as a bandeau

Run out of cute tops? Just tie up your scarf and wear it as a boob tube. Extra cute with a white t-shirt underneath.


4. Make it into a triangle top 

This works great with large size scarves. Just fold in half and tie in the back. Instant festival outfit. 

5. Ooh La La the famous movie star / pirate look 

Fold it wider this time and tie around your head with the knot to the side. A little bit pirate and a little bit fabulous. Works great with a few natural tousled curls. Ooh la la.


6 & 7. A few more ideas with your head scarves :  


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