How to channel your inner French girl (part 2)

French girls are too cool for black. Navy blue is the best tone for everything French. Plus, it goes with denim like a treat and is a great basic colour to match with everything in your wardrobe.

The shoes complete the look. Think practical, but stylish. A French girl is always prepared for the road ahead, cobblestone and all. And so are you - go for loafers and kitten heels. 

Nothing too loud - keep it simple and clean if you can, as big earrings can distract from your beautiful face. If you want to go a bit wilder with the jewellery, it's good to opt for one statement piece - a chunky necklace or ring is a good way to add interest to a simple look.

Like jewellery, there's no need to make a statement with the sunglasses: a nice simple cat eye will do the trick, completes your look and helps with your red wine hangover!

The French girl never tries that pretend like you didn’t read this article and just be your chic self!

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