I am a self-proclaimed francophile.


I am a self-proclaimed francophile. As is every gal my age I assume. What's not to love? Macarons, croissants, boys with accents - need I say more? So my first (and only so far) new year's resolution is to upgrade my french vernacular from the phrases I learnt in grade eight.

When I was in Paris last year (I love saying that), it killed me that all I could say was 'Bonjour', 'Au Revior', and 'Merci'. So this year, I am fully committed. I am going to surround myself in all things french - music, film, art; and hopefully it will keep me motivated.

So in the spirit of my new year's resolution, I thought I'd share with you my favourite films, music, food and experiences I've had with the romantic city of Paris, France.



The first movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood that I ever watched. I fell in love with this film - it lead me to Casablanca and The Shop Around the Corner. Now the original doesn't really feature much of Paris or France really, however the only highlight of the remake is some beautiful imagery of Paris in the 90's. I suggest you rent both, watch the original, and fast-forward to when Sabrina is in Paris in the remake,

Nutella and banana crepes


It was our second morning in Paris, and what a way to start the cold day than with a chocolatey, hazelnutty, gooey yummy crepe before heading to the Louvre. If a man such as this could make me crepes every day - I would die a happy woman.


Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 12.22.29 PMOh gosh the shopping - this is just one cute boutique in Saint Germain where I found the cutest chino's and delicate gold bracelets.

Carla Bruni


Actress. Singer. First Lady.

The history

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 12.49.49 PMLes Deux Magots - the famous french cafe that was frequented by the literary and intellectual elite of Paris, such as Ernest Hemingway, Simone De-Bouvoir and Pablo Picasso. We tried snails here for the first...and last time.



The Louvre - one of my favourite places in the world. I can get lost in this place for hours just wandering and exploring.


tumblr_mf04czbMLZ1qcpqyjo1_500_zps579af4cdThe macaron powerhouse. Once you've had Ladurée macarons, every other will taste abysmal....


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