Inspired by Frida

One of the world’s most influential women, Frida Kahlo, continues to make waves in history, over 60 years since her death in 1954.

As a powerful Mexican artist, Frida used her personal style as an extension of her incredible art. Frida’s distinctive use of colour in her art works, her clothing, and her characteristic accessories are still inspiring many today. And who could forget those brows?

In fact, our very own Ra Ra Superstar have included some Frida-esque frocks in their collections.

Frida's signature look:

Bold accessories

Frida is habitually pictured wearing strong necklaces and unique earring designs, matched with magnificently bright lips.

Hair as art

Who could think about Frida without remembering her gorgeous, decorative hair pieces?Typically Frida is best-known for her fresh, floral blooms pinned into her plaits. Often, we see her pictured with a sweet scarf or ribbon threader through her hair.

Wrap it up

Colourful wraps and patterned shawls, paired with bohemian skirts, are a common feature in Frida’s depictions.

Today, we can see inspiration from Frida in contemporary pop-culture. Fabian Ciarolo creates illustrations that mix old and new art forms. Frida in a Daft Punk shirt? Yes please!

In music culture, love her or loathe her, Lana Del Ray has been known to take some styling tips from Miss Kahlo.

Why not inject a touch of Frida style into your outfit today? Bold florals, off the shoulder dresses, wide ruffled collars and flowing skirts, all finished off with Ra Ra's new fruity and flower headbands! We think Frida herself would approve.

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