Japanese Fashion 101


Living in Japan gave me front row tickets to one of the biggest fashion shows on earth; and it’s a parade where anything goes. Harajuku girls (and boys) know how to get kawaiild, and can be found parading the streets with their incredible flamboyance, in all major cities of Japan.

Here are a few of my observations about Japanese fashion:

Old meets new

Japanese boys and girls are proud of their cultural heritage, but still want to experiment with new looks too.  So what’s a fashion-savvy teen to do? Mix the two.

Couple coordination

Many young couples in Japan match or coordinate their outfits. I often wondered, if it’s not customary for unmarried Japanese youngsters to live together, do they call each other before dressing? Or, do they simply seek-out someone who dresses similarly to themselves when searching for a partner? Sometimes, the boys out-dress the girls.

Kawaii Lolita styling

Loosely translated, kawaii culture pertains to anything ‘cute’. This extends to Lolita (Rorikon) style, favoured mostly by those who work in maid cafes and bars. Kawaii dressers are everywhere, particularly in Tokyo, and look a little something like this:

Hair, hair, hair!

Japanese boys and girls have incredible hair. Boys have Bon Jovi crops; girls wear hair pieces, model anime characters, and showcase some fantastic colour choices. My Little Pony eat your heart out. I wonder what time they get up in the morning each day? Aren't the accessories to die for?

Throw caution to the wind and dress as the Kawaii kids do today! Remember when you were little and would wear your princess dress with those strange plastic heels, mum's make up and a sparkly purse to the supermarket... well here's you chance! More is more! Here are some Ra Ra accessories that would do just the trick!

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