Keeping Those Resolutions

The new year is here!

It’s 2015 Superstars and you know what that means?!

New adventures, new challengers, new stories all awaiting ahead of you! 
Even though 2015 has already kicked off, we're hoping these resolutions keep you motivated for your year ahead.  

1. Find your Individual Style
It’s easier than you think! You don’t necessarily need to change what you’re buying, just how you are buying and where from. Checkout handmade, local designers, markets and vintage stores that constantly have hidden treasures. Support local business' by shopping from them, they will surprise you with unique fashions you won't find on anyone else.

2. Get a Healthier Glow
We've all been focusing on health and fitness in 2014, so now it's about time we all worked on healthier and happy skin. Look for organic products, cruelty free and even looking to your fridge for skin care treatments (try avocado masks and coconut oil as a moisturiser.) Even give your skin at least one day a week makeup free. This year, spend the time to look after your body and your skin.

3. Get Organised
Take a few hours this weekend to clean out your closet, and organise into a system that works for you! We guarantee you will discover some cool clothes you've forgotten about, new outfits and will find it easier to dress every day. Remember to think about whether you've worn something in the past year or two, if not maybe it's time to get rid of it. Although, before you throw anything away, be sure to resell, reuse, swap or donate to someone or a charity that needs it. As much as you may love to hoard those old faithfuls, there will always be someone who would appreciate it more.

4. Get Crafty
Have some clothes, shoes, bags or accessories that could use a little TLC or sprucing up? get a little crafty this year and try some DIY projects. Last year we tried knitting, block printing, tie dying and plenty of other fun stuff. This year, we'll be doing even more, so be sure to stay tuned as this year we're planning on classes to help you make your own cute goodies. 

5. Follow your Dreams!
Whether it's planning your next holiday, graduating from university, or getting that dream job you’ve been chasing, let those dreams be the goal you aspire to accomplish before 2016!
No matter how impossible it may seem, work hard and put in the effort and the outcome will be worth it! It only seems impossible, until it is done. Accept a challenge and even start a dream board to keep yourself motivated! A fresh year is the perfect time to pick yourself back up and try the things that you’ve always wanted!

Make your year the best year possible and may each and every one of your dreams turn into a reality and all your efforts into great achievements throughout the year.

Happy 2015 Superstars!

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