Lolita for everybody: my supernova fashion extravaganza

One of my favourite events of the year, the Supanova Pop Culture Expo was on last weekend. A time when my love for fashion and playing dress-up coincides with my undeniably geeky tendencies. Yes, it's another chance for me to push the boundaries of fashion and social acceptability when a beautiful communion of geeks in all their cosplaying-costuming glory show up in their Sunday best. These are my people.This year I decided to opt for a Lolita Japanese style outfit. The idea of Lolita is basically early 19th century-Victorian esque attire but mixed with really bright colours and exaggerated accessories to be a bit cheeky.

Without further ado, here is the full Lolita look:

Here's my Japanese Harajuku inspiration:

Hot damn, do I want that horse bag!

Here is an example of a Lolita-inspired look. The dress attains that girlish, exaggerated style most Lolitas aim for (and the shape of a delicious cupcake!). I've added some knee-highs to match the dress and maroon bow, and also, because knee-highs or tights are absolutely essential for the Lolita look. The aim of Lolita (traditionally) is to show as little skin as possible, which is why Lolitas wear the white under blouses beneath all their dresses (and pantaloons sometimes,!). Now, I don't always subscribe to this philosophy as I like to show a little skin, but I definitely agree with the necessity for stockings and socks. You will rarely site me without something covering my toes- because feet really aren't a particularly attractive body-part. And knee highs just sit on that border of cheeky, but modest.

The key to any Lolita look is accessories; the philosophy of most Lolitas is that you can never have too many. For the sake of not turning too many heads I kept mine down to a necklace, a brooch and to top it off, my Princess Peach backpack (purchased at Supernova, of course!). And the maroon bow, which coincidentally has a little cupcake on it. Not wearing a bow or a headband would be like leaving the house naked for a Lolita. If you don't put something pretty on your head, it's like neglecting a plentiful surface that needs to be styled. As for shoes- Lolitas rarely wear heels. Those who do are usually the kind of people who give Lolita-style a bad name; the ones who look like girls wearing costumes (and often, stripper heels!) rather than respecting the foundation of Lolita style, which is class. Here, I have some simple Mary-Jane flats, but to really get the Lolita look you need chunkier shoes.

After I recovered from the weekend's shenanigans, I popped into Ra-Ra to play dress-ups again. Here are the results of an hour of perusing the racks at Ra-Ra and allowing my inner child and Lolita to run free and wild...

Whilst scouring the Ra-Ra racks I found this pleasant, yellow sun-dress, Lolita-esque, with its lace trimming and ruffled sleeves. The bow makes the look; one of Ra-Ra's handmade creations, which is paired with one of the handmade neck-pieces. To set off the Lolita look, I have some sparkly knee-highs, which are almost as awesome as sparkly shoes, and my dolly-Lolita shoes, purchased at Supernova.

This dress was another ra ra vintage find, which fits the bill with its buttoned up collar and lace-trimming. The dress would be lovely by itself, but I wanted to push the boundaries of colour and clashing, so I added some bright accessories. Plus it wouldn't be Lolita if colour rules weren't pushed to the extreme. The belt and the headpiece set off the shoes, which have a faint pattern of pink bows on them - purchased many Supernovas ago.

One of my fave outfits and so Lolita. Pinky and puffy - akin to a colourful cupcake. This cape I bought at supernova - it has bunny ears, although you can't really see it. But I'm beginning to see some kind of connection between bunnies and Lolita. Which makes sense as bunnies are small, cute, little puffy things, which is basically what a Lolita is.

And finally, this is my favourite look. The dress appears to be 1970s prairie style, which suits the Lolita look as it's inspired by historical idealization. And lace. Lots of lace. I've got on the most spectacular headpiece of all time, a giant pom-pom type delicacy, paired with the best neck-piece of all time. Both handmade delights from Ra Ra, because sequins are awesome in small doses.

So next time you go shopping, remember your Lolita arsenal; historical-esque dresses with lace and ruffles, big headpieces, chunky shoes and the maximum amount of accessories permitted.

Happy shopping!

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