Love is in the air!


As I'm sure you're all aware, Valentines Day is quickly approaching. Some do a little, some do a lot, and some approach this day with skepticism and little regard for what it actually represents. For me, Valentine's Day isn't about expensive gifts, extravagant  ways of expressing affection, or fancy dinners at flashy restaurants. I may sound old-fashioned when I say this, but for me, Valentine's Day is all about one thing L-O-V-E. Love. If you think about it, love is the only shockingly pure act left on the planet, considering all the outrages that surround us. So why not celebrate it?

So my big tip for the day is - go somewhere romantic. You’ve given them your handmade card, made their tummy smile with your sweets, now it’s time for a romantic outing. There are plenty of places in Brisbane that can make your Valentine’s Day special.


Opel Moonlight Cinema.

This is a completely outdoor cinema, which screens films on the lawns of the New Farm park at Brisbane Powerhouse. You can enjoy new releases, as well as advance previews, contemporary, cult, and classic movies. No chairs, no walls, and no ceiling - just you and your partner enjoying a good film beneath the moonlight. Pack some cheese, grapes and homemade goodies, a blanket and enjoy.

They are showing 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on Valentines Day night or why not see 'Hitchcock' the night before or 'Gangster Squad' on the Saturday!

Pancake Manor

Is a restaurant on Charlotte street - a short walk from the Queen Street Mall. The beautiful church building which is now the home of Pancake Manor, was built in 1904, boasting detailed brick walls and magnificent arches you can examine during mouthfuls of their delicious melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. This little restaurant is perfect for Valentine’s Day, in it's own kitsch kind of way! How about some heart shaped pancakes?

23-Valentines Day

Yatala Drive-In Theatre

Is a movie experience like no other. Rare to find these days, the Yatala Drive-In Theatre offers a unique alternative to regular cinema movie sessions. Arrive in your car on a warm, starry night, dim your headlights, switch off your engine, and take out your popcorn as you enjoy a lovely film together..... or some good old fashioned smooching like this couple!



Pack a Picnic.

There’s nothing more romantic than packing a basket of delicious food, heading to a quiet park or even the beach, and throwing down a picnic blanket, watching the clouds roll by, as the day unfolds. Some lovely destinations to choose from include Southbank Parklands, the Botanic Gardens, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and the Roma Street Parklands.


These are just some of the things you can do for Valentine’s Day. I’m certain your minds are more creative than mine, so whatever you choose to do with your valentine, it will be more than special!


Moonlight cinema, Pancake ManorYatala Drive In


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