Magazine Lover - Reuse Your Magazines DIY Ideas

Are you a magazine lover? Do you keep your magazines in pristine condition without dog-eared pages and torn out articles? Do you flick through your new issue a few times quickly then begin methodically reading page by page soaking up all the crafty, foody, design, fashion goodness? Well you sound just like me.

I love magazines. There is something fabulous about walking in to a Newsagency and spotting your fav mags.  Sitting pretty on shelves,  ready and waiting to be collected. To be read from cover to cover while enjoying a morning cup of tea or an evening glass of wine. I even tend to carry my new issue with me as I move from room to room in the house. I marvel at the cover scoping out the features of the magazine, then I flick from the back to the front and then from front to back. I then turn the pages slower savouring the delightful new articles and glossy pages. Now, I am ready to begin reading. And read I do. Intent and focused this is a time that takes me away and allows me to relax, unwind and enjoy some 'me' time.

Have you noticed how quickly you accumulate magazines? I generally buy and read three a month and over the course of years these can build up significantly. I admit though I did have a massive cull when I returned from travelling overseas. I even went through all my magazines and tore out my favourite pages to build an inspiration folder and this has brought my magazine collection down enormously.

If you are a hoarder of beautiful magazines like me are you sometimes, or always at a loose end of where to store them all? Well read on, because I've scoured the net to bring you the best DIY ideas  turn your favourite magazines into practical items and pretty interior displays:

Create a little love seat or bedside table -

Pile all the same magazines together with an old leather belt and make a unique bedside table. Add a cushion you to make a lovely little seat. Or put a tray table over your stash for a quick and cute bedside table. I love the way the spines are all bright and colourful.

Display an art wall -

Why not pull your fave images and collage a wall? This can be easily updated according to your mood so keep changing it up. You could even do a walk in closet or the inside of your cupboard door for an element of surprise.


Make a one of a kind desk -

Simply stack all your magazines together and add a table top (the glass ones from ikea are perfect) or an old door from a salvage yard would also do the trick. Looks fun & so stylish!

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Make a cutout quote - 

Another fun idea is pick out a favourite quote and use the pages of your magazines to cutout letters to write whatever you want then add to a wall, suitcase, mirror... whatever  your heart desires.


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