Make your own brooch!


  1. Modge Podge! I'm using their 'Sparkle' one, but they have clear ones as well, and I bought this small bottle for about $5.
  2. A picture! It obviously doesn't have to be of Bill Haverchuck but you should still consider it an option.
  3. A small wooden shape. You can usually find these in craft stores in assorted packets.
  4. A brooch back that's smaller than your wooden shape- you don't want to see the brooch back poking out the sides!
  5. A pen or pencil to trace your shape with.
  6. A flat paintbrush; preferably a taklon, or one suitable for watercolours. The softer and flatter the brush, the less streaks you'll have. Hogs hair brushes are a lot stiffer, and tend to leave nasty streaks in the varnish.

Not Pictured:

  •  Black acrylic paint (optional)
  •  Hot glue gun & sticks


Step 1: Trace the outline of your wooden shape on top of the portion of the picture you're using. This will show you what will be on your brooch!

I painted my wooden shape with black acrylic paint, but you can paint it with whatever colour you want, or even leave it blank! Whatever you want to do. Just make sure it's acrylic and not oil, otherwise the Modge Podge won't stick to it.


Step 2: Cut out your shape! Remember to cut just inside the outline you just drew, otherwise your picture will be too big to fit on your wooden shape. You can cut it even smaller, if you want an outline around your picture.


Step 3: Cover the front of your wooden shape with Modge Podge, then stick your picture on it in the position you want it to be.


Step 4: Give your brooch a thin coat of Modge Podge to seal the picture, and leave to dry completely.


Step 5: Once the first coat has dried completely, you can give it as many coats as you'd like! I usually give it two thin coats, then once they're both completely dry I put a thicker coat over the top and leave to to dry overnight.

Alternatively once you've done the first coat, you can cover it in clear resin. You have to completely seal your brooch with Modge Podge beforehand, and you can usually buy resin from art stores. Resin gives it a more hardy varnish, but it looks just as good covered in resin as it does with Modge Podge.

Once you're satisfied with the final varnish, you can attach the clip to the brooch with the hot glue gun!


Heck yeah, you're done!


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