Make your own terrarium

The first time I built a terrarium it didn't resemble a tiny garden. Basically it looked like Mother Nature had thrown up inside a giant light bulb and passed out on top of it. But like with many things, practice makes perfect and I have since moved on from building little worlds that look like natural disaster zones. In fact, some might even call my little forests beautiful. By beautiful I mean okay and by ‘some’ I mean me. So now you can to make your own sometimes beautiful little world by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

Find your vessel. Any glass jar, vase, or bowl will do. For this instance I've chosen to use an old coffee pot.


Step 2:

Clean your vessel! Place a base layer of rocks and then cover with a thin layer of charcoal.


Step 3:
Moss, moss, moss. I prefer to use sphagnum moss, which you can find at your local nursery. Layer your moss and sprinkle another thin layer of charcoal on top.


Step 4:

Now for the soil. I personally prefer to use an organic soil as I find the plants seem to like it the most!


Step 5:

Finally, place your plants however you like and get creative. Use different moss to add colour and textures. Be mindful of the types of plants you are using and avoid mixing different types, otherwise it could get a little awkward all up in your tiny garden. I love to place little figurines inside my terrariums to add a little something extra.

Step 6:

Enjoy! Place it somewhere where you will see it everyday and marvel at it's beauty!


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