Matchy Matchy - Ra Ra x Pretty Dresses In the Laundry

Ra Ra x Pretty Dresses In The Laundry Collaboration 


Don’t you dream of wearing matching outfits for days… It just so happens here at Ra Ra we are experts on the matchy matchy sitch. I mean, have you seen our wardrobe? We are all about the double denim sets, (minus Brit and JT circa 2001) beachy crops and skirt sets, and pairing dresses with matching accessories. All of which are delightful for Spring & Summer!


So last week we had a super fun visit with KATE from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry ( and decided to go with what we know best for part 1 of the collaboration…..

Outfit 1:

For our first outfit we decided to put Kate in our super cute tropical crop and short set paired with our fave pink pom pom earrings! 

Outfit 2:


This time we went with our Rosie Posie flower print dress paired with our matching HEADSCARVES. Yes, you heard it. We are big on these and think they'll be the new must have accessory, like, how can you not love them?!


Thats part 1 for now, stay tuned next week for our part 2! 

Peace & Love,

Ra Ra xx

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