Night time shenanigans

'I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.' ~Vincent Van Gogh

There is a certain beauty to the night that simply cannot be captured during the day. Arguably the best things in life happens once the sun goes down, so when planning last months location shoot we jumped at the opportunity to explore these further. From New York – the city that never sleeps to late night cinema in the 50’s and late nights spent dancing in Paris in the 20s we compiled our inspiration from absolutely everywhere (A big thank you to Pinterest!)

Running around Roma Parklands in the middle of winter with various outfit changes, location revamps and puzzled looks from the ground staff proved better then ever. A truly beautiful location in the heart of the city that, during the day is filled with families picnicking, tourists exploring and city-goers seeking nature but transforms by night to a serene emptiness. A special thank you to our beautiful model Loana from Mystique Models for putting on a brave face whilst wearing cropped cut on shirts in the windy conditions, then quickly getting rugged up between takes. We have been more then excited to share these images with you all and hope you enjoy.




Photography: Savannah Van der Niet at Savvy Creative - @savvy


Model: Loana Mertens at Mystique Model Management - @trainstobrazil


Styling: Ishtar Currie-Wilson - @ishtar_cw


Clothing: Ra Ra Superstar


Lots of love RaRa xxx







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