Not So Clueless

Dionne: Dude, what’s wrong. You suffering from buyers remorse or something?

Cher: God, no! Nothing like that.

~ Clueless ~

The last Saturday of August set the scene for one of Ra Ra Superstar's big vintage wear rummage sales. Themed after the adorably fun 1995 cult classic, the store asked shoppers to show up in their favorite Clueless inspired outfits for a chance to win three of their favorite vintage sale items.
While not every bargain hunter got the theme memo, plenty still arrived in their cutest tartan, blazer and knee high combinations. One lovely lady even showed up in theme accidentally (I guess Clueless really is that influential!) At the end of the day though, our contest winner was the charming Mateuse, in her red blazer and red tartan skirt ensemble.
Our adorable Clueless Rummage Sale winner, Mateuse.
The lovely Ashleigh looking fabulous in her Clueless inspired outfit for the sale.
Ra Ra Superstar loves all their customers though, tartan-ed or not!
Makeup artists, Shannon (@missshannontherase) and Megan (@megsfargy) sifting through bargains.
Oliver, Akira (@akiraahhh) and Kate (@kaeldunphy) in the store purchasing their vintage finds.
Brittany (@brittanymayhill) looking gorgeous in one of Ra Ra's locally sewn dresses and a fun vintage hat.


This post was put together by Clair Emery (@planet_hostile).
The Rummage Sale proved to be a wonderful day, despite a little bit of a hot spell, and showed what lovely customers Ra Ra Superstar attracts, whether they were first time visitors or long time shoppers. Thank you to everyone who came!
Love Ra Ra xx

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