Orange is the New Black?

The fabulously wise Elle Woods who brought us the 'bend and snap' might have been right about orange not being the new pink, but those of you who kept a close eye on the recently wrapped up New York Fashion week would have noticed that it just might be the new black. As seen on fabulous fashionista's on the streets of New York and Paris, on iconic 90s supermodels & in nature all around, orange really is the happiest colour !
      The good news for all us regular folk is that this new trend is extremely easy to be a part of! You don't need a million dollars to look on trend in orange this spring, and Ra Ra is hear to show you how!
Stay orange!
Ra Ra xx
Post by: Clair Emery
Whether the writers of the hit Netflix television show Orange is the New Black are magical fashion psychics or this summer designers took a little inspiration from television (I hope the first one is true, because that would be awesome) here at Ra Ra we are loving the bursts of bright colour!

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