Pink Parade

Pink: the original colour of all things girlie. For century’s pink for girls and blue for boys has occurred almost mandatory, yet in this day and age it is widely accepted by all. Most woman even choose to somewhat stay away from this notoriously childish colour… Except on Wednesdays!

Tomorrow marks the 10th years anniversary since the fantastically wild, quote worthy Mean Girls graced our cinemas (I still remember going with a bunch of girlfriends and my mum) and oh what a coincidence it falls perfectly on a Wednesday! Embrace the pink, take inspiration from iconic films like Pretty in Pink, Grease and of course Mean Girls to rock it from head to toe. And if you happen to not own one single pink item, don’t worry, borrow your male friends pink polo’s and truly get into character. Here are some famous and fabulous pink outfits to get you in the mood.




 In Films...



 ... Old and new.




 and fashion,





 Hair and makeup too...




 Even the guys can adopt a little or a lot into their wardrobes for the day.


Lots of love RaRa xx

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