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This is a very belated post about a very awesome café I stumbled upon while on a week off in Caloundra with my mumma.  When on holiday I usually resign myself to dodgy coffee and less than atmospheric experiences.... probably because I'm spoilt by the awesomeness of my local eateries.

But 'The Pocket' in Moffat Beach totally blew my mind. You could easily miss it as it's a hole in the wall next to some kind of fish and chippery. It has a lovely view of the beach I have fond memories of picnicking near as a kid.  Amazing Campos coffee, just how I like it. Mum said the tea's good as well.

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A limited food menu - just what's in the cabinet. But the egg and bacon sandwich will BLOW YOUR MIND. Egg runny and delish, some kind of continental parsley, tomato, aioli and perfect bacon. All wrapped in paper and twine like a little breakfast present. My mum fell a bit in love with them so it made it easier to convince her to go there every morning to feed my caffeine addiction.

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Need more reasons to go there? They have a great selection of magazines - I discovered 'Dumbo Feather' which is about rad people doing awesome stuff. Like starting Etsy and making pothole gardens. There are cactus. And there is a guy that works there who is the epitome of hipster skater dude to either laugh/perve at depending on your mood....

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