Protein Rich

As the leftover Christmas hams sat in the reduced section of the supermarket, around the corner were the hot cross buns. Yes, it was January, and already some crafty ladies had packed up their Christmas gift ideas and were getting down to Easter craft.

But for me to actually do all the egg re-purposing activities I've found lately I'd have to start downing 3 raw eggs for breakfast, a few hard-boiled for lunch and dinner and invest in a few chickens for when the shops aren't open to top up the supply.

Save your egg shells! Eat more eggs!


....I did one which I find is pretty sustainable but here's some more I didn't do, but you probably should because someone took the time to do it, take photos, write about it, and put it on the internet, for you.


Egg Shell Planters

 IMGP6576 IMGP6583


Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

(Click Images for the link)


Tea Eggs

Tea eggs

And of course old-fashioned childhood fun...


Marbled Eggs


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