Be prepared for a quick run down of all things punk; the history, music, people and of course fashion. By the end of this post you should consider yourselves mini-experts on this fabulous sub-culture so spike up your mohawks, pull out your safety pins and blast your Ramones record. A late 70's - 80's youth rebellion movement initially fuelled by a rebuttal to mainstream culture pushed the boundaries and demanded attention. Punk grew to so much more then a youth revolt, quickly becoming a cult culture in its own with strong political views and a hard-to-miss dress code. 
Vivien Westwood, who along with Malcolm McLaren (manager to The Sex Pistols) should be dubbed the queen and king of punk, started a controversial boutique in London named re-named SEX; the go-to for taboo t-shirts, and all other defining punk pieces. Strategic rips, leather studded jackets, tartan straight pants, offensive slogan patched, fish net stockings (also ripped) and combat boots became staples. With a tough do-it-yourself vibe, this movement is more then enough excuse to pull out your scissors, sandpaper and studs and begin customising your wardrobe. 
Sid Vicious and Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood and crew
Sid and Nancy (yes THE Sid and Nancy) 
The only aspect more notable then the attire would have to be the music. Think bands like New York Dolls, The Clash, Sex Pistols and the Ramones who all started in garages and playing low-key gigs in grungy pubs but went on to influence the masses.“The popularity of punk rock was, in effect, due to the fact that it made ugliness beautiful.” — Malcolm McLaren
The Punk movement is a great influence on fashion today, being brought back to the spotlight with last years Punk: Chaos to Couture themed exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. As long as Dr Martins, Chuck Allstars and leather pants stay in fashion so will PUNK!
Our take here at RaRa..
Using US vintage pieces mashed in with RaRa originals, odd pears spotty socks and Huni Sofia silver jewels this quirky look was born. This Mix-Match look reaches an editorial level with bold contrasts, statement makeup and chunky layered accessories all tied in with an overall punk vibe. Photographed by Elizabeth Grinter, Modelled by the perfect Sophie Thomas and her shaved locks and styled by myself (Ishtar - RaRa's resident blogger/stylist) 

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