Put A Spring In Your Step

All our Bris-bae's out there understand what we mean when we say Spring here is CONFUSING. Its a weird collection of months that are almost as warm as Summer, but it is windy and it sun showers all the time. And about once a week we get a freezing day, just to keep us on our toes. No amount of looking at the sky out your bedroom window before you leave the house can prepare you for what a spring day might bring. You must be ready for anything and everything! 

At RaRa we like to think that being prepared for anything doesn't have to mean the end of cute outfits. Wear that summery matching outfit, but be ready to throw a jacket over it (preferably denim... we really like denim). 

Here's a little RaRa spring inspo!

Love, Ra Ra Superstar 


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