Ra Ra Gets Shifty for Mid Season Weather

What could possibly be more appropriate for this trans-seasonal weather than the perfect shift dress? Here at Ra Ra we know that when putting together a layered outfit you need the right starting point, and this season shift dresses are exactly that! We're talking flattering darting and cute fabrics, tossed over your fav turtle neck with an extra cute over coat on top! Add some stockings to the mix and you're all set for a cold day! Then take off the layers when the sun heats things up and wear your cute shift on it's own with socks'n'sandals. 

When dealing with layering and shift dresses it can be a bit tricky to work out the perfect way to accessorise, so here are some of our style icons with some tips on how to really make your trans-seasonal outfit perfect. 


Twiggy's 1960's shift dress paired with disco ball earrings has us thinking our pom pom earrings might be the perfect accessory for this look! Simple, bold shapes are the way to go!

This style of dress is incredible versatile; wear your hair back in a loose bun like Chloë Grace Moretz or down with a short necklace like Alexa Chung. Alexa's thumbs up must mean mean she agrees!

Oh shift! Zooey Deschanel and Blake Lively clearly second that thumbs up! If your shift has a particularly high neckline like Zooey's, pair it with a long necklace to create some extra lines in your outfit. OR keep it cute and summery even in the cold like Blake did by pushing your hair off your face and adding volume with a headband.

Now that we've gotten all that worked out, here's a little Ra Ra shift dress goodness!!

Our tan Build Me Up Buttercup Get Shifty Dress has a striking resemblance to Blake Lively's in the picture above. We got inspiration from Twiggy to pair our shift dress with pom pom earrings like she did with her disco ball earrings. Tease your hair to get Blake's volume and pair with one of our blossoming flower headbands.

Take your pick of the our colourful range of "Shift Things Up" dresses and get matchy matchy with your socks and shoes! Hats can be a great way to get a bit unique with your outfit, we have dozens of one off vintage beauties (like the super cute beret pictured!) in store that would make any winter ensemble pop!

Our "Get Shifty" dress comes in a bunch of pretty vintage fabrics and is just asking to be paired with one of our pom pom headbands! 

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