Ra Ra gets you organised in January!


Hi there Ra Ra Readers!

How have you been faring in the new year? If you are anything like me, you have tried to stretch the holidays out as long as possible and put off all those nasty little things like getting organised for the new year and accepting that beach trips will remain a weekend luxury for the near future. If you have come back to a bit of a disaster zone in your study area and are in need of a serious tidy-up, here are a few nifty tricks to get you super excited about being productive again. (If not at least your study will look swell!)



1. Time to use your Grandma's Glassware.

No more room in the kitchen for your vintage finds? Invite them into the study and put them to work! Cut glass bowls, pedestal bowls, oval banana split bowls and other glassware works great as a business card holder. Not only can you rifle through and access your contacts easier, it makes a quirky display on your bookshelf or desk. Need to find the Cupcake Parlour's number STAT? No worries!



2. Display your treasures on an Inspiration String.

Did you take some fabulous photos over the holidays in need of displaying? Or maybe a few words of inspiration for the new year? Inspiration strings are a great way to add interest to your study without clutter. Simply attach two removable hooks to the wall 1-2m apart, and tie a piece of twine between. Make sure you have some cute mini pegs to hang your happy snaps with!


3. Glass Jar Hold-Alls

Once you've polished off all the festive pickles and jams, hold onto your jars, and jazz them up with a little fabric and twine. Simply cut out a length of fabric long enough to be wrapped around your jars, wrap twine around on top of the fabric, and tie into a bow to attach. An assortment of different sized jars are a cute way to hold pens, pencils, paint brushes and rulers.

Until next time Ra Ra Lovelies! xo



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