RA RA Introduces: The Craft Corner

Have you always wanted to /learn/ to sew in a super sweet fun vintage cool creative environment where inspiration is everywhere you look?

Now you can. With us.


This month we're introducing The Craft Corner. Here, you can book a time, do a lil bit of shopping, bring an item(s) that need an alteration / upgrade, rent a machine, sew, learn to sew, do some light reading, pick up some fabric and start fresh with a new pattern all for the small price of $10 for 30 minutes or $15 for the hour. (Obviously you will have to pay a wee bit more if buying fabric)

It's all the rage.
This idea come from the "shared spaces" concept we've noticed popping up all around the globe. With shared spaces, you can co-work with creatives from an industry which intern creates a platform for you business and providing an opportunity for collaboration. 

We've done up a list of a few local and international faves you should check out.

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