Ra Ra It-Girl of the Week: Chloe Sevigny

One of the biggest It-Girls of the 90's, Chloe Sevigny is the definition of 'cool'

In fact, journalist Jay McInerney once labelled her "the coolest girl in the world" in The New Yorker.

After starring in the controversial 1995 film Kids, Chloe began to regularly feature on Best Dressed lists around the world. Vogue hailed her as a style icon and she began modelling for major fashion houses Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. 

Even though this year marks 20 years since her breakthrough in Kids, and Chloe herself turns 40, her style and flair remain a constant. This week, we take a trip through the fashion archives and share some of our favourite Chloe style moments.

Chloe rocking a super cute pixie cut alongside Rosario Dawson in their breakout film Kids.

Chloe was well ahead of the fashion scene when she managed to pull off platinum hair AND eyebrows in the 1997 film Gummo.

We love Chloe in this retro shoot! Chloe herself is a huge fan of vintage (just like Ra Ra!)

Chloe looking very reminiscient of another Ra Ra favourite and It-Girl, Twiggy!

Chloe is the queen of the Little Coloured Dress! Not afraid to risks, she rocked this trend on the red carpet!

Speaking of the red carpet, Chloe's looks always make Best Dressed lists. These are a few of our favourites!

Chloe also has a sexy side, shown through her street style! Chloe isn't afraid to get edgy with her haircuts and looks which we love!

Chloe has collaborated on a number of fashion lines, including the Opening Cermony collection pictured above! Who better to design clothes than the ultimate trendsetter and It-Girl?

We love Chloe's eclectic style and her willingness to push fashion boundaries. Ra Ra Superstar has put together some Chloe-inspired looks to help your channel your inner It-Girl! If you are feeling inspired, head on down to the store and check out all the fabulous vintage clothes we have in stock to help you create your own Chloe look!


Chloe embodies everything we think a Ra Ra girl should be - fun, fabulous and free!

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