RaRa's Guide to Christmas Gifting: Online

We say the same thing to ourselves every year around this time; start thinking about Christmas shopping, don't leave it until the last minute again! It's a lot easier to say than to do though, so this year we've decided to put together a little guide to ethical (and prepared!) Christmas shopping to help us all avoid the curse of last minute, last resort shopping centre trips. 

Time to tackle online gift shopping! But first a little reminder to keep you on the track to sustainability this shopping season!


These fun art print designs will liven up anyone's home. There are a million cool ones to choose from on Etsy by all kinds of talented artists, who don't charge too much either!

 You can buy downloaded able cross stitch patterns for your crafty friends. Maybe get a few little bits and priced and put together a little kit for them. Everyone loves a hobby!

Or, if your gift is for someone who doesn't dig cross stitching themselves, why not get them a adorable custom already finished one and save them the hassle. This gift screams 'preset for mum'! 


We've all heard horror stories from friends (or maybe experienced some ourselves) about interactions on Gumtree. But it's not all bad! Gumtree is a great place to find interesting and unique second hand gifts. Buying vintage and second hand is a good way to break away from the temptation of shopping for presents in shopping centres and chain stores which doesn't support the local economy and can end in you unknowingly contributing to some very nasty factory working conditions. 

If you need a few extra idea's to fuel your Gumtree searching, hears a few little things we found that might be perfect for someone you love this Christmas!

 Adorable pink vintage dial phone? Yah, I know I'd like to receive this cutie. 

Maybe a restored vintage chest of craws with a vanity mirror and a matching fluffy stool? Yes Please.


Soooooo cuutttteee!

Vintage kitchen scales, a load of board games, vintage jewellery box. Seriously, there is something for everyone on Gumtree, you just have to do a little looking and not go to any stranger's houses alone. 

Remember guys, if you stay on top of things you won't have to battle strangers to buy unsustainable gifts that your friends and family won't like much. Stay organised, stay ethical and most of all, enjoy your Christmas Holidays!

Love Ra Ra Superstar 


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