Recycled Paper Christmas Baubles

Hi There Ra Ra Crafters! Today we have a little how to on making recycled paper Christmas baubles.

You will need:

- old christmas wrapping/festive patterned paper

-brown paper/ assorted coloured paper



-needle and thread


Step 1

Cut out 20 circles of the same size in assorted paper types. Each bauble will need 20 paper circles.

Step 2

Fold the circles into a triangle, by folding in three same sized sides.

Step 3

glue 5 of the triangles together using the folded in flaps to create a pentagon shape.

Step 4

Attach one triangle to each exposed side of the pentagon by gluing the flaps together.

Step 5

Attach one triangle to the right side of each triangle attached in the previous step.

Step 6

To create the sphere shape, attach all the triangles on the outermost edge together as demonstrated in the diagram below.

step 7

Create another set of 5 and assemble in the pentagon shape, and glue to the open end of the sphere to complete the bauble.


Step 8

with a needle and thread pierce through one of the paper edges and tie into a knot to create a loop to hang your bauble on the tree

Step 9

Attach your bauble to your christmas tree. And tell anyone who will listen about your marvelous creation!

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