Road trips, picnics and pretty frocks!


It is that time of year again.  The prospect of finishing university for the year leaves most students overwhelmed with joy. My problems always arise when, after a few weeks of indulging in my freedom, I become nostalgic for university. The deadlines, the expensive coffee, the piles of textbooks. The sheer DRAMA of learning. I become excited for the next semester, I buy a lot of stationary, and I tend to eagerly rush to my first lecture only to find it boring, stuffy, and that all I really want is to lie in the great court and drink tea. I then spend the entire semester lamenting all of the amazing things I want to do but can’t because I need to study. To stop this vicious cycle I have decided to implement a list of all the things I will indulge in during the holidays and you can to! Here are a few fun things to keep you occupied over the summer break...



Wear a cute outfit, buy a giant hat, make a gorgeous basket of goodies, and find your perfect picnic spot. Brisbane has some amazing picnic spots butt if you don't feel like venturing out set up a picnic in your own garden! Picnic so much you forget what it’s like to eat inside at a civilized table, sitting on civilized chairs, making civilized conversation.



Day trip:

Get in the car and drive, or jump on a train and see where you end up. Day trips are fabulous with good friends and you don’t even have to go far to find something new and exciting. Sometimes all it takes are lovely people and a jaunt to a new part of town to make a boring day a beautiful one.



Window shop:

I always find myself rushing during semester. There is always something, be it classes, or work, or some other obscure tasks I have signed up for. I love window shopping and I never get to truly make a day of it! Get some of your girls and just stroll. You always find the most amazing pieces when you aren't really looking for anything at all. You might even find the perfect, cool frock for picnicking!



Read every book you picked up by didn't have time to get to know during the semester. My current must reads include:

Stephen Chbosky's The perks of being a Wallflower 

A definite must read for lovers of the film!

Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita 

A classic that cannot be missed.

Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the wind

A novel I try to read at least once a year, it is a true masterpiece.

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