7 Reasons you should always shop vintage jeans

If you guys are anything like us denim rules your wardrobe. But now that the weather is getting cooler, jeans are on the brain. So here comes the agonizing decision of which pair to buy. One thing we know for sure is that vintage denim is always best and here's 7 reasons to prove it:

1. First things first, vintage jeans are cool. They have that worn in comfy look, their denim is naturally aged and they have some wacky, weird (& wonderful) labeling, pockets, stitching, details that you will never find on a pair of jeans in the mall. No matter how hard you look. Oh but most importantly is the cut. Yes vintage jeans (when you find the right pair) are always just a little bit more flattering and complimentary on the booty. This cannot be replicated. That's all that matters.

  2. New jeans come in MANY different washes and colours right? They've been dyed, acid bathed, sandblasted and chemically doused to give the aged worn in look. Well consider how this is achieved. The “weathered” or “stone washed” jeans look is made using a variety of harsh chemicals, techniques and volcanic pumice stones. These pumice stones have to be mined and shipped to denim companies all over the world. That’s a huge carbon footprint right there. The chemicals used are toxic to smell, toxic to dispose of and generally suck. Not necessary with vintage jeans. Plus, if you want extra weathering on your jeans why not run in the ocean with them, wear them to bed, paint with them. So much more fun & way better for the Earth.

 3. You probably know that jeans are made from cotton, but have you ever thought about how much water it takes to grow enough to make just 1 pair of jeans? It's a lot. Close to 1000 gallons to be precise. 1000 gallons of water for 1.5 pounds of cotton. This water would be better used by a community in poverty. Crazy. Recycled jeans don't use any water at all to make.

4. We bet you love travelling, when you go to China you'll notice a fair bit of pollution in the air, this pollution is caused by 1/3 of ALL THE JEANS sold in the world. Why? Because China is one of the biggest denim jean manufacturers in the world. The cost of fast fashion! (just don't do it).


5. Thrifting is FUN. The thrill of the hunt is what makes buying secondhand just a bit more exciting. When you see that lone pair of amazing 70s Levis, your heart skips a beat. This heart racing style of shopping can't be beat. So start searching your local op shop, fete, charity sale or Ra Ra's racks cause you might just find your best jeans yet. Jeans with a past. Who knows what they could've done before they landed in your hands? Plus NOBODY else will ever own them.


6. Vintage jeans are the perfect lazy girl wardrobe staple. You do. not. need. to. wash. your. jeans. Ok maybe sometimes, but some people leave it 6 months, a year. Cause vintage jeans don't smell unless you spill something over them. I once spilled an ice cream sandwich and continued to wear mine for a couple months. No one noticed. If you think they're in a definite need of a refresh, hot tip - stick them in the freezer, it's cold enough to kill odours causing bacteria and uses way less energy than washing. Plus, you can air dry them on your back verandah by their belt loops, it's better for your jeans and your carbon footprint.

 7. Vintage jeans can be customised without the guilt. Cause chances are you got them for a song, and sometimes they might not be that perfect. So this means you can go to town creating the most fab crazy custom jeans. Grab a glue gun, fabric paint, patches, sewing machine, fabric scraps and away you go. You don't have to feel bad if you make a mistake, cause anything goes. They're vintage and have already had one life. So go on - paint them, rip them, embroider them, patch them, glue stuff on them. Just give it a try baby. For some inspiration why not come into store or check out the DIY section. We also paint and customise denim in store for $40. xx



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