SHE LOVES YOU. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. blogspiration!

Want to show someone dear a little love this Valentine’s Day? Keep it simple, home-made, and from the heart with these thoughtful touches. Share with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone who deserves a little delight in their day.

So here's some nifty blogspiration!

  • Hide a bunch of love heart balloons in your love’s cupboard so they’ll be showered with love when they open it up. Surprise!


  • Surprise your nearest and dearest with a heart-shaped pizza for two (candle-lit, of course).


  • Heart-shaped ice cubes with pomegranate seeds would be a refreshing hint for a crush’s drink.


  • Any clever cooks out there? Test your skills with a surprise heart cake. Bam! Options are endless for those who know a sweet-tooth. Macaroons, chocolate-coated strawberries, red-velvet cupcakes, the list goes on…


  • Everyone loves a surprise breakfast; try this simple cut-out toast recipe. (Fakin' Bacon will also do the trick.)


  • Need some dinner décor for a soiree with friends? String heart doilies around the room, put bowls of colour-coordinated sweets, add fresh flowers to jars, blow up red balloons, add some tassels, or scatter some poms for a pretty party look.


There are definitely too many options for one post. We'd love to see what you come up with. Have fun, Ra Ra lovers and keep a look out for all our Valentines DIY coz we might even test out some of the above!!

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