Southside and Cereal

I live on the southside but still felt like Morningside was a bit too far to go for coffee. After hearing about Southside Tea Room so so much I made the trip. And I walked down the empty streets, wondering if there was anything else to visit that would make my trip worthwhile but I couldn't find much. Then I got to Southside Tea Room and stayed for over an hour.


I wasn't sure if it was because of the homeliness, or the friendliness or the utter intrigue or delight or puzzlement.


Orange vinyl chairs, marble laminate tables, crochet rugs and then a bar and pinball - equally homely and eerie all at once.

Cereal cups for breakfast.

Takeout for dinner.

Much of the hour was spent discussing the furniture but the rest was spent watching the regulars flood in and stay for a chat and order "the best sandwich anywhere" (which was the 'Hungry Hippy').


It's a multitalented and multifunctional little establishment filling most nights and weekends with events and other happenings like clothes swaps and game nights.


Your will re-live your childhood with coffee and beer instead of milk and juice (although you can get these as well).

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