Summer obsession| sunny yellow and aqua

Yesterday was the first day of spring and I could not be happier! I spent the day lapping up the rays of glorious sunshine, and pondering how I would spend the spring and summer months ahead. The first thing that came to mind was my excitement of the prospect of outdoor parties to while away the long afternoons. Considering that I am obsessed with the aqua blue and yellow pattern featured on Ra Ra's Key Lime structured sheath dress, Hollywood Calling Mini Skirt, and Half and Half pinafore dress, I thought I would provide a little guide to styling your very own spring/summer outdoor event using these two key colours!

Firstly, how about some minty green and yellow tassel garlands as a feature piece for your party? These decorations are super cute strung up over your seating area, or maybe as a welcome feature to the entrance to your party. Click here for a tutorial on how to create them yourself!

Next, no occasion with cocktails and drinks is complete without a striped straw! Why not provide some aqua blue striped straws to add extra style to your cocktail of choice?

To match in perfectly with our theme, you will of course need a yellow cocktail. Jars for cocktails are always a lovely touch, and inexpensive to collect - you can re-purpose old jam jars of different sizes for an interesting feature for your table. You could go uber retro with a yellow Fluffy Duck cocktail recipe, or maybe a Tropical Pineapple Cocktail Recipe?

Alternatively, A Tiffany blue cocktail is perfect for a girly springtime soiree, who could resist!

Click here for the Tiffany Blue cocktail recipe.


Next, think about sourcing some repurposed blue glass bottles teamed with yellow blooms such as daffodils, tulips or gerberas. Etsy is a great place to source antique blue glass bottles.

Use a sunny yellow table runner to add an extra pop of colour to your arrangement. You could use any kind of pattern to create your table runner, this chevron pattern looks super cute:

Finally, as the afternoon fades into night, use some DIY string lights to add extra atmosphere.

You can find adorable blue polka dot paper cups here, and a little how-to for the DIY paper cup string lights here.

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