Sunday Night DIY - Chicken Wire Frames

Feeling creative? Crafty? Maybe even handy? Here at RaRa Superstar we have been sprucing up the store with artsy DIY's for you to enjoy and replicate. Sunday nights are the perfect planners for the week ahead, and what better night to design a rewarding DIY that’s personalized and useful.
This super easy jewellery holder not only looks great and takes little time to make but dose its job in effectively displaying all of your bits and bobs. Even if your previous DIY attempts have somewhat fallen through (Pinterest fails). I guarantee this is as simple as following three easy steps and all you will need it a old picture frame, a small amount of chicken wire, some pliers, glue and nails (staple guns work pretty niftily too).

Step 1 

Decide on a cute frame you wish to have hanging on your wall, this is where Op shops come in handy! Or check the streets in your area for hard rubbish as people always throw out old frames. Then if needed remove everything from the frame (glass, backing, picture, etc) except well, the frame. Clean with a scourer and some soapy water, sand lightly and paint your desired colour.

Step 2  

Lay out your chicken wire on the back side of your frame and nail (or staple) it in place. We used taks and a hammer, but probably easier to use a staple gum. Here's a hint, stretch the wire tight as you go to avoid sag.

Step 3

Trim the wire with wire cutters neatly and voila......
*Drum Roll*
Finished Product
This frame can be used for much more then a creative jewellery stand, try adding pictures, notes, pretty plants and even food! Here are some cute inspo pics to get you inspired :
Happy crafting, 
Lots of Love RaRa xxx

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