Super cute DIY Envelopes

Hello Lovely Ra Ra Readers.

Today I will be showing you a super easy way to make your own very cute DIY envelopes. Included is a little printable template so that you can make the exact same design at home. You can also choose your own patterned paper and use the template to cut out the heart shape.

You just need scissors and paper!

Click here to download the template.

Please note: the colours that appear on your browser's window, appear very different to the actual colours that will print. Drag and drop the image onto your desktop to see the actual file's colours.

Step 1: cut out the heart shape

Step 2: fold in the two sides along the printed line provided.

Step 3: fold the bottom half up to meet the edge of the curved edges.

Step 4: Fold the upper triangle down to complete the envelope.

If you have patterned paper, these make gorgeous little envelopes too. Just add some patterned tape for a super cute effect!

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