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Sustainable fashion is what we live for here at Ra Ra Superstar. In today's post, we really wanted to share some insight into why it's so important for us gals and guys, both young and old, to consider what it is we're really buying and rocking out day-to-day. 

To kick-start, let's take a look at what makes fashion more ethical. Fashion is considered sustainable when it encompasses some of these following factors:

- Recycled/upcycled

- Vintage and/or handmade

- Made from ethically sourced materials or material off-cuts

- Made in transparent and ethical working environments.

Yay for these factors! But a major, resounding NAAAY for the fact that they aren't always the norm when it comes to creating the 'must-have trends for low prices' we typically see in many mainstream clothing stores. 

Here are some pretty confronting facts we've uncovered:

"In developing countries, an estimated 250 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work."
"Because women make up 85 to 90% of sweatshop workers, employers force them to take birth control and routine pregnancy tests to avoid supporting maternity leave or providing appropriate health benefits."
And the working environments for some factories? The 2013 factory collapse in Bangladesh proved they're not always the safest.

There's another side to this argument as well. Some believe sweatshops help those in developing countries; they provide some work, can be seen as better than working under the sun in the fields, and keep families from total poverty.

But what about the shocking working conditions and standards in some of these factories? They're anything but good.

We must work hard to ensure factories overseas abide by basic human rights and ethical working environments. It may be a long road to completely achieve these goals, but if we speak through our actions everyday, we may send the message that 'ethical is priceless'. 

Demanding transparency from department stores that outsource items from overseas factories is one way to tackle this issue. If we shift our purchasing habits and starting buying sustainable pieces, and back great initiatives like the Undress Runways, this may alleviate the insurmountable strain on workers and the environment. 

Like Ra Ra Superstar, there are many places you can go to pick up vintage, sustainable, and ethically made fashion. It can be tricky to know which company to trust when purchasing clothing, so try and keep in the know with which companies follow ethical agreements (just like the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh - check out this link:

The shift to shopping locally will speak our message of purchasing sustainable and ethically made fashion loud and clear. Instead of buying that $6 basic tee from a department store with little transparency, consider buying fashion that has lasted and will last in your wardrobe for years to come. Here at Ra Ra, we have some fantastic prices on gorgeous, lasting items - without the baggage:



Let's be sustainable superstars together! Coming up, we'll have a sustainable Christmas shopping guide! This will be a handy tool if you aren't too sure where to go for ethical clothing and accessories this holiday season.

Big love, shine bright!
Ra Ra xx





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