The Amazing Illustrations of: Laura Patterson

We recently met the lovely Miss Laura Patterson when she popped in to store searching for vintage wonders. Of course we got to talking and discovered Laura's amazing drawing talents and her penchant for creating stunningly detailed & beautiful drawings. She especially loves beetles, bones and architecture but when given the opportunity to draw fashion she jumped at the chance. Soon Laura was back with these beautiful pictures of our " Through the Looking Glass " A/W 2013 Collection. We were pretty impressed to say the least.

Laura PattersonHow did you get started drawing?

I started drawing when I was very little when my mum (a graphic designer) would sit my sister and me down for watercolour lessons when we were just out of nappies. Since these early drawing classes I continued drawing and painting throughout my life. My house has always been filled with art, the smell of someones current oil painting or the mess of an intense sketching session. Ive always been drawn to details and being able to pour over an illustration for hours, filling in the tiny brushstrokes until I'm content.

So what are you working on at the moment?

I am currently completing my masters of architecture and feel that the sensibilities of architectural design have come to influence my artwork. I have a strong affiliation with graphic linework and a love of black.

Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

My current artistic inspirations stem from the beautiful graphic styles of french art nouveau coupled with the intricacy of anatomical drawings and plant life. My most recent series 'On Moths Wings' explores the elegance and stillness of feminine beauty coupled with contradicting darker characters like insects and skeletal elements intertwined to create a balanced and detailed composition.

Is there a secret to creating such unique and beautiful artwork?

I believe that no matter the subject or the themes explored, the end result must be pleasing, beautiful and intriguing for the viewer. I paint what makes me feel happy and content and hope it makes others feel the same.



More of her artwork can be found on her facebook page and available for sale in store - artbylaurapatterson

Here is Laura's intepretation Ra Ra Superstar's "Through the Looking Glass" A/W13 Collections:

laura patterson_4

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