The Babysitters Club fashion legacy


Say ‘hello’ to your friends. Here’s what The Baby Sitters Club members taught girls of the 90s about style:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with sock-tights combinations

For those who enjoyed The Babysitters’ TV series, not an episode went by where viewers were not privy to a good scrunched sock, a loud pair of tights, or at the very least, a leg warmer. Try a 2012 Babysitters’ adaptation with a pretty, frilly sock with your favourite pair of heels or roller skates. Ra Ra's new pom pom socks would do just the trick!


Use household items to accessorise your look

You read right. Despite common misconceptions, the BSC weren’t making millions from their entrepreneurial pursuits, and were, on occasion, known to get a bit thrifty. Why Malorie, is that a skipping rope you’ve used as a belt? You betcha! Stacey, is that necklace made from pasta? Right again! The ultimate 90s DIY accessory, however, has got to be the water balloon hairclip. Make one today. I double dare you.

When it comes to hair, bigger is always better

Be it crimp, blow-wave, hot roller, or just a natural puff, those baby sitters really knew how to turn up the volume on their heads. Often fastened with a silk scarf tied in a bow, a good old fashioned scrunchie, Walkman headsets, and a bouffant fringe (think Elaine Benis), even the straight-haired babes would add a little lift to their ‘dos. I’m almost sure Cindy Crawford would have served as the perfect inspiration for young teeny-boppers Dawn, Mary-Anne, and Claudia. The 90s also lay claim to the birth of the half-up, half-down style we all know and love.

Colour is your second best friend (after the BSC members)

Although the girls were big fans of pastels (well, maybe not tom-boy Kristie), the message we can take from nearly every BSC outfit is that colour is queen of the castle, and you’re the dirty rascal. From eye shadows, to shoe laces, to Blossom-inspired hats, the BSC would add a pop of colour to every look, and so should you. Your crush Logan would be smitten!

Next time you’re getting ready for a friend-date, ask yourself, what would the BSC do?

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