The death of the garage sale


I’ve always wanted to have a garage sale. When I was younger I used to set up stalls outside my house and sell decorated rocks and flowers from the neighbour’s backyard. My mum kept promising that we would have a garage sale one day, but it never eventuated. A few weeks ago my dream came true, well it came partially true.

I did have a garage sale. But, the garage sale was not a successful one. We had seven customers in five hours and by 1 o’clock we’d had enough. I was crushed, what had I done wrong? I’d plastered the streets with posters and annoyed my network of Facebook friends with garage sale reminders and updates. Why didn’t anyone want to buy all of the stuff that I didn’t want anymore?

A friend of mine also had a garage sale recently and when I complained to her about my experience she revealed that her sale hadn’t gone very well either. I realised that perhaps the problem wasn’t how we advertised or what we sold, but that the days of the humble garage sale were over.... Look at this doozy!!


When you think about it, how many garage sale signs have you seen in the past year? Now, compare that number to the amount of garage sales you attended in the past year. I claim to love garage sales, yet I can’t remember the last one that I went to. I fear that the era of the garage sale is coming to a close and making way for a new era in suitcase rummages, clothes swapping parties, and selling second hand clothing on the Internet.

I’m still quietly cheering on the garage sale from the shadows. If only the garage sale could make a comeback and join the ranks of the high waisted pant or shoulder pads....

Luckily here at Ra Ra our rummage sales are always epic! Yesterday was no exception!


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