The Met Gala

This year's theme for the much anticipated Costume Institute Gala, or as it is more commonly known, the Met Gala was China: Through the Looking Glass. This Vogue magazine annual event is probably the most anticipated and definitely our favourite to watch. Each year, celebrities and fashion designers are given the chance to turn up the volume in elegant, outrageous and over the top couture.

Looking through this year's best dressed pics, we couldn't help but notice that the Met Gala has it's own share of social groups, not unlike your school or uni formals. There are the Cool Girls, Quirky Girls, Drama Queens all strutting their stuff and looking ahmazing !! So we've rounded up the best of the best from this year's ball & created some of our own formal looks. So read on for some evening wear inspiration Ra Ra style.  

The Avante-Garde Girl

Favourite Subject: Visual Art or Design, this girl loves getting creative with patterns and textures!

Where you'll find her: In a computer lab or art studio, working on their latest project.

Can't live without: Her Tumblr, it's filled with art, design and fashion inspiration!

Formal style: Bold patterns and shapes, this girl's dress will be a work of art!


The Cool Girl

Favourite Subject: The Cool Girl enjoys learning new languages at school that she can use when she travels!

Where you'll find her: Hanging out with her friends and some cute boys discussing the latest concert they went to.

Can't live without: Her phone, so she can keep up with the latest gossip and trends (or start them!)

Formal style: Something chic yet effortless, the Cool Girl pushes fashion boundaries and ignores tradition, so expect to see her in crop top with floor length skirt or even a pantsuit!


The Drama Queen

Favourite Subject: Drama of course!

Where you'll find her: When she's not centre-stage, the Drama Queen can be found practising her best dance moves in the Drama rooms for the formal after-party.

Can't live without: The spotlight! If there's one thing the Drama Queen NEEDS to survive, it's attention!

Formal style: The Drama Queen has to be the centre of attention, so she'll be wearing something completely over the top! Whether it's a huge skirt or even a tiara, the Drama Queen will walk into the formal like it's her own runway. 


The Quirky Girl

Favourite Subject: Home economics - the Quirky Girl loves to create, whether it's baking cupcakes or making a new skirt!

Where you'll find her: Getting in trouble for knitting in class.

Can't live without: Frankie magazine and Zooey Deschanel movies.

Formal style: Like the Cool Girl, the Quirky Girl also shies away from tradition. Whether it's a cute pattern or tea-length hemline, the Quirky Girl likes to stand out. 


The Golden Girl

Favourite Subject: The Golden Girl is the teacher's pet and loves to show off her knowledge, so she loves subjects like science where she can tell everyone her favourite facts.

Where you'll find her: In a study group at lunch, going over her notes for that next big exam!

Can't live without: Personalised stationery.

Formal style: The Golden Girl is, well, golden! She'll make sure that she shines as always at the formal!


The Goth

Favourite Subject: The Goth Girl loves expressing herself through Art

Where you'll find her: In the art studio painting with her friends or reading poetry in the library

Can't live without: Eyeliner!

Formal style: The Goth Girl goes for darker colours such as blacks, reds and greens, but isn't afraid to wear lace or crystals to give her look a softer edge. 


The Sexy Girl

Favourite Subject: The Sexy Girl loves playing sport, she wants to stay toned and healthy!

Where you'll find her: In the bathroom making sure their eyebrows are on point.

Can't live without: Instagram, how else would everyone see her cool outfits??

Formal style: The Sexy Girl normally goes for a fitted dress with a cutout or two in a standout colour. She's not as over the top as the Drama Queen but she certainly knows how to work it!


The Classic Girl

 Favourite Subject: The Classic Girl enjoys catching up on her literature in English.

Where you'll find her: Having a meeting for their book club.

Can't live without: Her Chanel no. 5 perfume!

Formal style: The Classic Girl's style is very traditional glamour, so expect pearl or diamond accessories, red lips and a simple yet elegant gown.


The Prom Queen

Favourite Subject: The Prom Queen gets good grades for everything, despite all her other commitments!

Where you'll find her: Helping organise extracurricular activities like charity runs and fundraisers.

Can't live without: Her tiara!

Formal style: A mix of elegant, dramatic and daring, the Prom Queen's style is reminiscent of Hollywood glamour and well, royalty! She'll be turning heads all night, sorry Drama Queens!


We were so inspired by all these different looks at Ra Ra that we put a few of our own together! What's your formal style?


 We love this more classic style!

Pom-pom earrings are the perfect accessory for this Cool Girl style.  

Avante-Garde anyone?

Make a statement in this quirky jumpsuit!

Calling all Drama Queens, Ra Ra has all the sequins and patterns to make your formal dreams come true!

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