The Nature of Inspiration: 70s excess!


Inspiration can come from anywhere in particular, but there's one brilliance that surrounds us all... Nature! Whether the style you are aiming for in your home is vintage or more contemporary, the spirit of nature can be included in any type of interior.

Some call it 'overdone' and 'tacky', but I freaking love 70s decor! The vibrant use of colour, tropical prints, wood panelling, shell chairs and shag pile rugs. The beauty of it is you can take inspiration from the 70s without living in a total time-warp...

Here are my top pics for bringing a bit of 70s nature-inspired decor to your interiors:


Don't stray away from prints! A beautiful leaf print on your pillows, bedspread, couch or if you're game... walls is the most awesome way to pretend you are living in a rainforest paradise! My local Spotlight has some fabulous Florence Broadhurst prints in great upholstery fabric.  Need a rainy day project? Pillow, tropical print GO


What's your favourite colour? Is it white or cream? Yeh... I doubt it! So why should your house or room be filled with a less-than-awesome colour? Seeing my favourite colours every day makes me HAPPY.


This rooms use of GREEN, wicker, animal print, checks and indoor plants may not be your cup of tea. But those botanical prints on the wall are awesome! Why not head to your local Vinnies, pick up some beautiful old books with plant or animal drawings and decorate your walls. Also, here at Ra Ra we are rocking a zebra rug - so props to us!


Don't stray away from wood. It's so warm and the colours are divine. However buy vintage or ethically grown! A holiday apartment I stayed in recently had wood panelling on the walls and wicker furniture and it totally floated my boat!


70s porch

Peacock chairs. Need I saw more? Even the fibreglass shell chair is a welcome burst of colour for a room:

fiberglass shell side chair retro furniture

Have you got a green thumb? Why not give some indoor plants a go! (not faux please)


This table setting sure looks impractical! But works great if you'd rather admire nature than look at your dinner guests...

70s_diningroomMacrame9-1I bought a macrame plant holder for $2 in an op-shop the other day. A perfect way to hang indoor plants in your home. So there you go! Get decorating!

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