The top 5 movies you've never heard of...

One of my favourite winter activities is curling up in bed or under a big doona on the couch and watching a good film. Get your popcorn, hot chocolate or cup of tea ready because I'm about to list some of my favourite movies - but these films are the ones that don't get the big marketing ticket, they're not reviewed in every magazine or even show at the cinema. But they're here we go!

1. Like Crazy


This story is about a real relationship, with real problems. None of this wishy-washy will they won't they, or look I'm kind of in love with your best friend/brother/sister/aunt. They're big obstacle physically keeps them apart, and it's dealt with in a way that's true and not glossed over like other films. Your heart will ache.

2. Cherrybomb

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 7

Ron Weasley like you've never seen him. Not your usual teen rebellion film, set in Ireland, it's very nitty-gritty like a lot of Irish and British films are. A bit different, but refreshing.

3. The First Time


So this one is a little cliche or corny but I loved it. So cute and plain, a sugary adaptation of what a couples first time would be like. And I just love the male lead Dylan O'Brien - great eye candy.

4. It's Kind of a Funny Story


A 16-year old boy checks himself into a mental institution and makes friends with Zach Galifianakas. A funny and sweet look at how intense and stressful growing up can be. And one of my favourite fashionistas Emma Roberts plays his intriguing love interest. Sigh.

5. Adam


Rose Byrne, Hugh Dancy. Enough said. This film takes a look at Asberges syndrome and how it can affect a person and everyone in their life. Touching, romantic and honest.

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