Themepunked - Steampunk Style

Coming up to Halloween I've become a bit obsessed with theme-fashion. Whether it's harajuku fashion or my latest obsession Steampunk! It sneaks up on me day by day, just like clockwork. I don’t mind. I'm beginning to think I have been a closet Steampunk enthusiast for a while now, but until recent weeks my Steampunk obsession has been buried, dusty under all my shoes.

Have you ever seen the series Firefly? Devoted Steampunk purists and perhaps even hardcore Firefly fans may argue that the category inflicted here should space western, but for a novice like me it’s good enough. I love the collision of Western and Victorian influences and the juxtaposition of space-age technologies with very simplistic ways of life.  And what about Doctor Who – not many could argue that there isn’t a Steampunk backbone to the TARDIS could they?



Those things are irrelevant though, because I can admit I’m just grasping at straws for an excuse to incorporate some Steampunk elements into my life. I'm even convinced my childhood favourite Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is also (loosely) following the steampunk vibe.... look at those goggles!

As it stands I already own a ridiculous collection of pocket watches and clock-related necklaces – it is bordering on hoarding.

I would love a reason to overdo and go crazy with this theme (Halloween anyone?) but I will definitely invest in (read: dig through the op shop racks for) some everyday pieces so I can add a bit of Steampunk to any day. You can too!  Here are some ideas...


How about a brass binoculars necklace – I definitely don’t need any more of these… ohh maybe just one more. Paired with some detailed tights it does just the trick!

A Ra Ra vintage Victorian inspired blouse – short sleeved, beautifully feminine and extremely versatile! Perfect for summer.

Sunnies – Don’t be a fool; don’t burn your retinas this summer. Protect your eyeballs AND be goggle-eyed in these.

Even a cute lil' vintage suitcase as a handbag or one of our Ra Ra metal-detailed belts with a frilly frock would do just the trick!

If, like me, you are hooked, the Antipodean Steampunk Show starts 26th October and runs until 15thDecember at the Gallery Artisan in Fortitude Valley.

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