This little piggy went to market


Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, the Davies Park Markets in West End is bustling with people. If you arrive there anytime between 8am and 2pm (the market go from 6am to 2pm) be prepared to spend a lazy Saturday morning moving in rhythm with a crowd of eager market goers. The crowds needn’t be a deterrent, no one pushes or gets angry, everyone goes about their morning shopping in a calm and easy-going way.



When you enter the markets from the Montague Rd entrance make sure to stop at the flower stall. Well-priced blooms of various varieties can be found next to a different stall that sells potted plants and seedlings–to create your very own kitchen garden at home. As you walk through the markets there is a stall to your right that sells organically grown apples of every variety you can think of. But, don’t buy before you try a few from one of the tasting bowls. You can hear the shouts from the boys at the fish stall before you can see the fish itself. They have multiple varieties of fresh fish and are always good for a bargain.


Don’t forget your shopping bags for loading up on fresh veggies as you walk through the main section of the markets. Not all of the vegetables are organically grown so you need to be on the look out for specific stalls that display a sign that tell you whether they are organic. You can also buy yoghurt, eggs, bread, and cheese–make sure you go to the guy who sells 4 different cheeses for $15, you won’t be sorry.

And the sweets!!



Always go to the markets on an empty stomach. There are about five different stalls selling coffee scattered throughout the markets or you can opt for something different and head to the lemonade stand. One of my favourite places for food is the Hot Vegetarian Food stall. The samosas are so fresh that you can watch them being assembled and fried right in front of you. The two guys who run the store are regulars at the markets and are always good for a corny joke and a laugh. If you are there for a meal there is a stall that sells omelettes, a Greek food stall, a German sausage stall, an Indian food stall, a Lebanese pocket stall, and many many others.


Although the markets are fantastic for a good meal and a bargain, the sense of community and the general laid back vibe is what you will remember. You can sit under the huge fig trees and listen to a band or chat to someone you haven’t seen for ages, while the hours slip by.


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