Unconventional lurrrrve stories!

I recently saw the latest 'rom-com' in theaters, 'Silver Linings Playbook,' despite usually remaining wary of seeing any film that could be lumped into that genre...


Tiffany and Patrick spent the entire movie fighting, yet I haven't believed in a fictional romance so fully for a long time. For me the core of a love-story is tension. If it’s all fine and dandy the couple are nothing more than a pretty portrait, which is nice to look at briefly, but if I want to get completely engrossed in a couple’s story there needs to be a story.

 Rhett and Scarlett from ‘Gone With the Wind’


Now, it’s debatable whether or not Scarlett and Rhett are in love in Gone With the Wind, but they certainly have one of the most interesting and captivating relationships in literature; specifically in contrast to Scarlett’s preoccupation with weedy and uninspiring Ashley. Their fiery interaction emits a vitality so invigorating it’s impossible these two do not share an incredible bond one might even call love. But whatever you call it, Rhett and Scarlett undoubtedly shared a special affinity with each other even, if they don’t always get along.

Dan and Candy from ‘Candy’


What really highlights the passion and vitality of Dan and Candy’s love for each other in Luke Davies’ novel is his brilliant and poetic passages describing their drug-fueled relationship, as both a love-story between each and other and with heroin. The parallels between drug addiction and love are striking in this haunting portrait, and as you read through their episodic, quirky adventures with each other, it becomes impossible to not fall in love with them too, as vibrant, three dimensional characters whose love and passion for each other lifts off the page.

Jesse and Celine from ‘Before Sunset and Before Sunrise’


This is a story about two people who simply connect; not because they have identical viewpoints or experiences, but because they can share them with each other. This is not a love story that follows the typical mold (let's face it- none of these are), as the two only share a few nights together, but it is the kind of love story that will last forever. Who knows, the connection between Jesse and Celine could fade if they were to meet for a third time, but the memories and importance of their time together will not be lost in time.

Toru and Midori in ‘Norwegian Wood’


This is another love story burdened by one of the characters discovering the gravity of the couple’s passions and connection too late, and unfortunately, wasting precious time pursuing another character. Naoko is probably more sympathetic and interesting than Ashley in ‘Gone With the Wind’ (who in my opinion can go down as one of the lamest love interests of all time), but simply does not share the same connection and passion that Toru shares with Midori.

Faye and Cop 663 from ‘Chunking Express’

This is a movie that never fails to make me tear up a little out of joy and sadness, mainly due to the love story between the unnamed cop and Faye. This movie is a visual feast for the eyes and director War Kong-wai does not fail to evoke the emotions and passions of his characters through cinematic elements (particularly the reoccurring ‘California Dreaming’), rather than using the literary techniques present in my other choices. Although we don’t know much about either character, we feel their sadness and loneliness, which is all the more poignant as they both long for companionship, but never manage to quite unite with each other.


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