Valentine's Day Bow!


Okay, you're going to need:

1. A bit of fabric! I got this fat quarter for $3 from Lincraft, but as long as it's bigger than 20cm x 20cm you'll be fine.

2. Cotton thread that matches your fabric.

3. A needle, or alternatively a sewing machine (if you have one; I prefer to hand sew them but it's up to you)

4. Scissors.

Optional: A hair clip, or bowtie fastenings, or whatever else you can stick on the back of it once it's done- it all depends what you want to do with it!



Step 1: Cut out your piece of fabric. You should first work out how big you want your bow to be (in cms) then double that, and that's your width. You're going to fold the fabric in half, so make sure it's wide enough.


Step 2: Fold your piece of fabric in half, with the design on the inside. Then sew around the edges, but leave a 2cm gap on the side opposite the fold, in the middle.


Step 3: Now use that gap you left to turn the fabric inside out.


Step 4: Now cut another piece of fabric, approx. 10cm x 6cm.


Step 5: Hem the sides of the fabric to make it neat. This will be the little do-diddy of fabric that holds the bow together in the middle, so make sure its the right width before you sew it on.


Step 6: Fold your fabric the same way you'd fold a piece of paper if you were making a fan. You can fold it as many or as little times as you like, it's up to you how it looks. Once you get it how you like it, wrap the hemmed piece of fabric around the middle, and sew it together. If it's too long, just cut the spare bit off. You don't want to wrap it around too many times or it'll look bulky.


Step 7: Attach your do-hicky! I chose to stick a hair clip to the back with a hot glue gun, but you can do whatever you want with it.



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