Victorian Fashion Influences


If you've read any of my prior posts, I'm sure you'll be able to recognize my love for Victorian-esque styled fashion- hence, my obsession with the Japanese Lolita fashion trend. But I would love to see Victorian-styled garments become more commercially available. But it certainly is attainable if you leaf through the vintage racks at Ra-Ra Superstar and similar places. To me Victorian-inspired clothing is the essence of what fashion should be; modest, but stylish and feminine.

It can be classy and bright


Lazy, girlish and natural (think 1967-69 San Fransisco Haight Ashbury or Picnic at Hanging Rock.)



Or it can be gothic and loopy, such as Tim Burton fashion or Alice In Wonderland inspired style...


Just as a disclaimer, I do not endorse the use of a corset...those things are nasty.

Victorian fashion involves a lot of accessorizing, which is one of the best parts of designing an outfit. Think hats, flowers, giant bows, chokers, cameos and anything with lace.


The silhouette is also very important and there are two types. Earlier Victorian fashion, which involves a bell-shaped skirt with a tight, cinched in waist; accentuating the best parts of a woman's body, whilst still looking classy and maintaining some 'mystery.'
If you don't want to go for the full dress look, you can also paired a high-neck blouse (preferably with some lace) with a big, balloon skirt (preferably with a petticoat!). That would be my pick for a casual Victorian look.


As for the shoes, it's all about the lace-up boots and Oxfords.You could also really challenge this trend, but doing a more masculine take on it. Think high-waisted pants, boots and a tucked in, billowing white blouse.


The make-up is a lot of fun too; it can be dainty and girl or very womanly. Think porcelain-powdered-white skin, baby-pink cheeks, big eyelashes and ruby-red lips.

So as we come closer to winter, I think this is a great trend to think about endorsing. Because you can do a lot with it and it will always look classy and feminine.


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