Vintage Mum Competition Winner : Emilie Bertsch!!


We loved seeing all the cool ole pics we received for our Vintage Mum Competition, and so heartwarming to read the love y'all have for your fab mums. So big thank you to all the amazing entries.... we love em all!!

Our happy winner Emilie Bertsch was over the moon to hear she won our $100 prize for submitting her beautiful mum's pic. Here's a little insight into Emilie and her mum's vintage style....


What do you remember about your mum's style growing up?

My sister and I used to have this dress-up box with all of these ancient 20’s, 40’s, and 50’s style floor length dresses, handbags and jewelry that mum used to go out in. We would dress up like we were on our way to a ball and we felt regal. I never really saw her in anything that extravagant before because she always worked with children and needed to wear practical clothing, a T-shirt and jeans usually. But mum always had better things hiding in her closet, things that she was saving for a rainy day. Her wedding dress was in her closet building up dust for eight years before she decided to don it. It’s still hanging in her closet to this day, having only been worn once.

How did your mum influence your style?

Mum’s definitely influenced my style, but not in a traditional pass-on-advice way. As I was growing up she vehemently encouraged me to express my individuality through fashion the way I wanted to express it, and experiment, which saw me go through many phases. Even through my anti-fashion phases (like punk and hippie) I was encouraged to dress the way I wanted. She’s the perfect mix of elegance and casualness with a hint of nonconformity, which I think I’ve someone subconsciously adopted.

Scan 35

This is mum (21 years old) at a wedding in all black. All black at a wedding was considered quite risqué at the time. She liked to push the boundaries a bit.

Scan 38-1

Mum (22 years old) on the left. Really simple, elegant style here, I love it.

Scan 34

This is mum on her 21st Birthday. Note the perm and Barbie-esque style.

Scan 37

This is probably my favourite picture of mum (25 years old) She went to a fetish party in this getup. It’s weird knowing my mum was once a young adult, without wrinkles!

Scan 40

Mum & I at a picnic circa early 1980s.....

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